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Employers Can Provide
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Few employers of hourly wage workers are offering the kind of benefits that employees actually want. While signing bonuses and higher wages may attract temporary attention, compensation can quickly lose its allure after a few pay periods.

Employers can create long lasting goodwill and loyalty among their staff by taking care of their health and financial well-being. HospitalityCARE VPC provides an ongoing benefits package employees use and enjoy.

The Problem


Over 10 million vacant jobs in US today
Wage-earning workers have no loyalty to employer
87% of workers want healthcare benefits*, but it is uncommon in hospitality industry
Most employees live paycheck-to-paycheck**, and an unexpected medical bill can cause financial difficulty

(*) CareerBuilder.com
(**) MSNBC.com

The Solution


HospitalityCARE VPC is designed to match the needs of the hospitality industry
Medical, dental, vision, and primary care show employees they're cared for
Option to fund an investment account to encourage staff to save for the future
Less than $1 per employee per hour to provide benefits

The Results


Increased retention and recruiting power
Less stress, better morale, fewer health-related absences
Workers more engaged in their job
Word-of-mouth recommendations to friends and other job seekers

Powerful Incentives
at an Affordable Price

For less than $1 per employee per hour*, HospitalityCARE VPC is a recruiting and retention solution that costs less than signing bonuses or wage hikes.

Cost per hour to provide HospitalityCARE VPC

Employee Schedule
25 hrs/wk
30 hrs/wk
35 hrs/wk
40 hrs/wk
*Employees in the Hospitality Industry work 26.12 hours per week on average (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics/Fred Economic Data)

Who We Serve

Corporate Hoteliers & Resorts

Independent Hotels & Motels

Fast Casual Restaurants

Quick Service Restaurants

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